Perspective 2

Perspective becomes a little more complex when the viewer is looking uphill or downhill. This places the Horizon high or low in the drawing.

Looking Downhill
Notice that in the drawing, the horizon is high up. This matches the viewer's position (eye level) at the top of the hill. Nearly all of the detail is below the horizon, because it is lower than the viewer, i.e. downhill. The major vanishing point is marked and all the detail on the front of the houses obeys this point. However, there are other vanishing points of less importance that are not marked.

1: The eaves of the roofs all obey a vanishing point off the top right of the drawing.

2: The side of the first house and all the window recesses all obey a vanishing point on the horizon off to the right of the drawing.

3: All the vertical lines should also obey a vanishing point well below the bottom of the drawing.

Looking Uphill
Details to follow..

Other Situations
Details to follow.

Other Considerations
Details to follow.

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