There are limitations to what I can do with scans. Certain aspects of watercolour paintings don't scan well without a lot of very expensive equipment, especially the subtle washes and delicate colour tones. Some detail is also lost through the size reduction and compression to keep the files a manageable size. Some pictures have also been scanned from prints of the originals which can cause an interference pattern in the pixelation. This shows as a diagonal pattern where there are areas of flat colour, please be assured that this is not present on the original or on the limited edition prints. The copyright notice has also been added to the scans and is of course not present on any work offered for sale. The pictures here are of reasonably good quality and give a good idea of what the paintings are like. If you are interested in buying an original and wish to see a better quality scan I will be happy to send you a higher resolution one by e-mail (this scan will still have a copyright notice on it).

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